Thursday, October 10, 2019

Invasive but Restful

There are many different kinds of American Asters of the Genus Symphyotrichum.  We usually call them daisies when we see them growing.  When they are in the pasture, they are a weed.  I have no idea what species this one might be.

There are many analogies that could be drawn from this photograph I took yesterday morning.  The most obvious being that sometimes things that are attractive are not necessarily the best for us.  I'll pass on the analogies today and just stick with the fact that I like flowers.  I enjoy the variety and beauty of wildflowers.  I don't want to see the pasture filled with them, but one occasionally is acceptable.

It would have been easy to just keep on rolling across the pasture and ignore this invasive beauty, but instead, we stopped and took photographs -- no, that isn't the correct term anymore -- digital images of the wild Asters.  It took only a couple of minutes and the reality is that the flowers break the monotony of the grasses (which is a good thing for cattle) and provide a restful image for the mind.

Sometimes we just need to be distracted -- even momentarily -- from the things that fill our mind which constantly demand our focus and our time.  We function best with breaks in the routine.  We just need to take time to "smell" the flowers.  It's amazing how rejuvenating it can be.

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