Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Grand Role

This response to a question on An Appeal that was posed by Ranando has to do with grand parents. Ranando suggested that I tell something about my grand parents. I have done a couple of posts in the past about them here and here. I know that I will do more in the future. So, I think I will talk about the importance of grand parents in the lives of children and what it means to me in my new role as one.

I'm learning what it means to be a grandparent
Although I don't think I should be one.
In my mind I don't feel much different
Than back when I was about twenty-one.

I recall the role grand parents had
In the shaping of my life and I think,
"What an awesome responsibility I have
To this beautiful child who will grow up in the blink

Of an eye to become a young woman
With children of her own someday."
And I wonder if I'm up to the task
And if she will think of me in the way

That I think of my own grand parents.
I was fortunate in my younger day
That my mother's parents lived nearby
And I spent many hours in their way

Although I doubt they considered it
An imposition on their time because
They always made themselves available
And would take me with them without pause

For reflection on how I might impair their day.
While on the other side I never knew my Father's dad
Because he was looking on from heaven
To make sure his kid's lives weren't too bad.

But my grandmother, though she lived far away
Was always happy to see us when we came
To visit her and she would keep us busy
Even though she didn't have much to her name

But lots of love for her family that was scattered.
And I think of how my own parents love to see
My kids and will go to the ends of the earth
To watch them in whatever they may be

Participating even though at times it meant
A very lengthy drive. But they were always there
Cheering them on and supporting their efforts.
Although they live quite far from here

My children's other grand parents also have
Deeply shaped their lives by showing them
They care by taking them places like fishing in Colorado
Or to the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham.

I think of all the memories that are deep inside of me
And how my life has been made richer by
The generations that have gone before and
I want to make a difference and will try

With all I am to be an inspiration to this
Child whose life is just at start.
I pray that she will know
That she has already captured my heart.


Ranando said...

Well done...

What a fantastic post, your Grandparents would be proud.

Texas Red said...

your grandparents would be proud...and I'm proud that your her grandpa! She sure is loved!

Incognito said...

I never knew my maternal Grandma.. and the others passed when I was quite young, plus we were out of the country most of my cildhood.. so I missed that wonderful aspect of life.

Panhandle Poet said...

It is special Incognito. There really is no good substitute.

WomanHonorThyself said...

aw God bless u and the new lil one!!!

bigwhitehat said...

I'll bet you're a fantastic Granddad.

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