Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Cup Runneth Over

Sitting on our mantle is a Hopalong Cassidy mug. My grandmother gave it to me before she died. I think that in a way it surprised her that it was something that I wanted to remember her by. We had gone to visit them and she brought up the subject. She asked me if there was anything that I would like to have as a keepsake. She was concerned that I receive something. I didn't even know that it was still around when I mentioned it. She had hidden it somewhere in the kitchen cabinets and only she knew where it was.

That mug reminds me of going to the farm to visit them when I was a small child. She would cook hot chocolate milk in a pan on the stove and serve it to me in that mug. It brings to mind memories of sitting at the "snack bar" drinking from that mug and eating fresh cookies that she let me help her make. It holds memories of spending the night and waking to the smell of bacon frying and hot oatmeal -- because that's what Grandpa always ate for breakfast -- and that was only the beginning. That cup is so full that it will never run empty. I hope that I can give those kinds of memories to my family.

I miss them.

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