Friday, July 27, 2007

Fred Thompson is Our Best Chance

The Right is abuzz
All because
They didn't like Fred's choice
To manage the race.

I think if they look
They'll see he threw out the book
And he's running his own

If you consider that Fred
Is already ahead
And hasn't yet
Even declared

And how the left wing
Has started to sing
All the sins of his past
On the air

You might stop and think,
"Would they raise all this stink
If they didn't think he
Was a threat?"

The left-leaning press
Just stirs up the mess
In an effort to
Split up the right.

They press all the hot spots
Tryin' to tie up in knots
The strength of Fred's
Fast growing base.

We should give it some time,
It will all work out fine
For our candidate's
Shrewd like a fox.

He's got the appeal
That can seal up the deal
If we'll trust him
To do what is right.

I know that's a bit tough
Because we've all had enough
Of the Washington
Inside elite.

If we want him to win
We'll just have to give in
And let him do this
His own way.

He's the best that we've got
Because a Democrat is not
Who we want to win
The big race.

Fred has the best chance
Of leading the dance
For a Republican
Victory in oh-eight!


Fred, if you or your staff happen to see this, you ought to give serious consideration to Kay Bailey Hutchinson as a running mate!


Kay Dennison said...

He should make you his official poet! lol

I'm watching Fred -- you could be right. I do like Ron Paul, too, though. We'll see what happens in the next few months as all the players haven't gotten in line yet! Rumor has it Newt is gonna take a shot at it and that should stir the pot a bit.

WomanHonorThyself said...

no thanks to Freddy and his new jihadiiiiiiii campaign manager..pfftt!

Panhandle Poet said...

Angel: Do I detect a (using one of Albert Einstein's phrases) deep tribal animosity?? LOL

I've been doing a lot of research on Spencer Abraham because I'm not really familiar with him. What I have found is:
1) He is a Christian (Eastern Orthodox)
2) Strongly against abortion -- perhaps he is a gesture to the anti-abortion electorate...
3) Moderate in many areas -- such as the Middle East where it seems he has attempted to strike a balance between the needs and issues of both the Palestinians (his tribal heritage) and the Israelis. He has at times voted pro-Israel and at times voted against. All of his votes seemed to be aimed at peace. He has received significant campaign funding in the past from Jewish interests.
4) Strongly pro-business. Seems to have a good reach into corporate America and may be in a position to bring a lot of $$'s to Thompson's campaign.
5) Pro immigration -- understandable since his ancestors were immigrants -- but for strictly legal immigration.
6) Hawkish militarily.
7) Pro free-enterprise.
8) Pro globalization -- the one big negative in my mind.

My conclusion is that he is probably a good choice but won't please everyone. Let's see who Thompson balances him with.

Incognito said...

Ron Paul?! Oh no.

I think A Thompson/Giuliani ticket might satisfy everyone.