Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pushing Electrons

I fear that my attitude is lousy today.  I guess I've been doing way too much office work lately.  That's just not my thing.  I need to be out talking to customers or potential customers.  I need something besides pushing electrons to keep me engaged.

I laugh at that thought.  When I'm on the road for week-after-week I get sick and tired of that too.  I shouldn't complain.  I have one of the best jobs imaginable.  I get to do lots of different things.  I travel.  I pretty much set my own schedule -- subject of course to industry functions, etc.  I can delegate a lot of projects to others -- but, some can't be delegated.  In fact, I've said before that I would have the perfect job if I could be home every night.  It just usually doesn't work that way.

"Pushing electrons" is what made me laugh.  I used a manual typewriter in High School.  They wouldn't even let us use the electric ones in typing class.  Then, at college, I started learning about computers by writing code and punching cards.  I saw some of the very first desktop computers when they came out.  From Apple.  Then there were the Texas Instruments versions.  IBM held off entry into that market until others had pioneered it.  Now, laptops and smartphones are the thing.  Couldn't do without 'em.

I guess I ought to quit complaining.


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