Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Been Awhile

I am in Laramie, Wyoming, this morning.  I was just thinking about the last time that I was here.  I was twelve years old.

It was a memorable trip.  We had gone to see my grandmother and other family in Oklahoma.  My uncle and his family were preparing for a trip to Yellowstone.  They convinced my parents that we should go too.

We made a Walmart run.  Probably the first Walmart I had ever been in.  They were not nearly as wide-spread at that time.  We bought camping supplies that my uncle didn't have extras he could loan.  Then we loaded up the cars and drove.  And drove.  And drove.  Kids sleeping in the floor or on top of luggage.  We were piled in pretty tight.

We stopped in Laramie for lunch along the way.  I ate my first buffalo burger.  That is my memory of Laramie.

The time camping in Yellowstone was memorable.  It would take too much space to write about it here, but, perhaps I will add to the story in time.  Let me just say that we fished, we hiked, we saw wildlife and mountains, we were rained on, we chased off bears, we had a great time. 

Laramie.  It sure doesn't look like I remembered it.  It's kinda grown up a bit.  Much bigger.  I think the population sign showed something over 27,000.

From here I head to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  I am looking forward to the drive and plan to take my time.  Maybe tomorrow there will be photos for the blog.  It will depend on the weather.


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