Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Day

It was another day of calling on potential customers.  As I drove along I couldn't help but enjoy the green.  It is beautiful here.  It rained last night and early this morning.  The high temperature was in the upper 70's.  It was absolutely perfect weather except for a little wind.  But, I'm used to wind.

I keep hearing reports from home of temperatures over 100 and winds at 20 - 30 mph and gusts even higher.  That kind of blast furnace heat is sucking what little moisture there is out of the soil.  Cities and counties are banning fireworks and starting to implement water restrictions.  Living in the country, with very dry grass all around me, I am thankful for the fireworks ban and not really affected by the water restrictions except that maybe it will leave a little more in the aquifer for the future.

Well, I don't have anything much worth saying so I guess I'll end here.


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