Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sweet Iced Tea

Sweet iced tea
Is my drink of choice.
I want it brewed,
Not instant.

It needs to be cold!
If it is fresh brewed,
I like a glass full of ice
Then add tea and stir it

So the ice will melt
And cool it.
It's even better

Some folks think
That tea should be hot.
They speak of Old Grey
And other varieties.

And while I don't mind
A hot cup on occasion,
I still prefer it iced
And very sweet.

Sweet iced tea
And cornbread
And beans
Speak country --

Southern country.
Nothing cools you quicker
Than an ice cold glass
Of sweet iced tea.


bigwhitehat said...

Um. That would be Earl Grey.

Hot tea is ok, but not as good as coffee.

I like my ice tea unsweetened and very strong. But I will be the first to round up as much sugar as you please.

Panhandle Poet said...

Why thanks for the correction BWH. I never could speak English -- only Texan -- and that not very well.