Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Only One

In the heart of man
Lies deep desire
For something greater
Than himself.

Through timeless age
Man has sought
The source
Whom he calls God.

For some belief
Fell on the things
Of earth
They saw about.

They worshipped trees
And rocks
And hills
And even animals.

Others built
With their own hands
The gods
To which they prayed.

All of them
Sought to please
And to appease
By gift and sacrifice.

They could not see
That God was there
Among them --

He spoke to His chosen few
Who sometimes listened
But often
Turned away.

He continued seeking
Until in love
He came to live
Among them.

Still, even many
Among His chosen
Did not recognize Him
Because He was not as they expected.

They despised Him
He upended
Their world.

So they killed Him
And put Him in a grave
But He did not stay
For He had overcome.

Since that time
There have been others
Who would say that
He was wrong.

They claim to be prophets
With special knowlege
That made them the same
As Him.

But their bones
Still lie moldering
In a grave

Only One
Has overcome
This world
And death.

Only One
Ever claimed
To be

Only One
Can save
Us from

Throughout the ages
Man sought God.
Throughout the ages
God sought man.


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