Sunday, July 15, 2007


In An Appeal for ideas, Big White Hat asked, "Where are the best locations to see the sunset?" The one above was shot on the Figure 3 Ranch near Amarillo. Can you guess what movie?

Sunset on the open plains
Is a sight to behold.
The sky is filled with blues,
Yellows, reds and gold.

Bold strokes paint the
Flame of day
To slowly fade
Across the way

'Til only memories
Of the vivid hues
Are left upon the
Minds-eye view.


The amount of dust and other particulates in the air combined with the unobstructed view is what makes the sunset on the plains such a beautiful site. Increased dust levels adds more red to the range of colors seen.

(The movie is Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.)


Donald Douglas said...

Hello again! Your blog is a nice, serene, and lyrical break from all the partisanship I read and engage in everday. Love the sunset shot, as well!

Incognito said...

Cool poem, Pan!

nothing like the brilliance of a sunset.. love 'em. had forgotten what causes them.