Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hat or Cap?

It's time for another response to An Appeal. This one is to a question posed by Big White Hat -- "ball cap or hat?"
(Hat shown is a Resistol 100X Cattle Baron crease)

Boots are a virtual permanent part of my attire.
It's not because I consider myself a cowboy.
It's because I like them and because I've
Always worn them since I was a little boy.

They're good for stomping through whatever
Happens to be in the way and they provide
Protection for my shins if I happen to be
In a spot where something prickly is attacking my hide.

Most folks think that a hat is necessary
When there are boots upon the feet.
However, I think that the issue for most of us
Is what's practical rather than just neat.

It depends upon the occasion as to what sits on my head.
Sometimes it is a hat -- especially if I'm needing shade.
But most of the time it is a cap that covers up my dome.
I prefer a specific style and that it be U.S. made.

I like a low crown cap, not the traditional farmer style.
I don't like the high stiff front with mesh in the back
I prefer the soft cloth kind that fits close to my head
And in the backseat of my pickup truck I keep a stack.

There are times though when a cap just isn't quite
Dressed up enough you see, that's when the hat comes out
And sits on top of me. This time of year when it is hot
A straw hat is the thing that I wear about.

But in the winter months when it is cold my hat is made of felt.
I prefer a black one with a George Strait "Big Wells"crease.
But if one really wants to dress up nice there's nothing that beats white.
The bad thing is they dirty up and get smudges on with ease.

I guess the answer to the question is that cap or hat is a choice
That depends on the occasion for which I'm covering up my head.
Most of the time a cap's the thing that keeps my eyes in shade
But when I take a notion to I'll wear a hat instead!


WomanHonorThyself said...

ah I got boots in every color and a hat to match...for dancin that is!!..heh

bigwhitehat said...

Pretty much what a figured.

I need a new hat.