Thursday, May 10, 2007


It's springtime in the Texas Panhandle and the weather is gorgeous (contrary to what I usually tell people our weather is like). As I travelled north today toward Kansas, I took a few pictures of the wildflowers in the Canadian River breaks. I labelled the ones I knew and the rest are for you to guess. Of course, I probably won't know if you are correct or not. I think one of the reasons that I chose this post is in response to Patrick over at Born Again Redneck and his pictures of the beautiful Oregon flowers. I know I'm prejudiced, but I think ours are just as pretty -- well, sort of.
Nice view of a couple of mesas framed by Yucca flower stalks.

Prairie Daisy




Yucca (we call it Bear Grass)


A variety of milkweed





Indian Blanket (my favorite)



A variety of milkweed.

This image is looking toward the west from a spot just north of the Canadian River between Pampa and Perryton, Texas.


bigwhitehat said...

That is a beautiful part of the country!

This might help a little.

Panhandle Poet said...

Thanks for the link BWH, it was helpful! I didn't think to bring my "Wildflowers of Texas" book with me on this trip.

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

I'm not familiar with desert flowers. The white ones in pics three and four are stunning. The only ones that look familiar are the little blue ones with three petals - some sort of iris.

Frasypoo said...

Beautiful ! Great pics

Incognito said...

Some lovely pics, P. I love taking photos of flowers, as well. probably my fave.