Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Wall by Any Other Name

Some folks think we need a wall
To keep our borders strong.
I am of the opinion
That they have got it wrong.
What we really need
Are neighbors to the south
Whose very deeds do match
What comes out of their mouth.
What I mean is that
They've got to fix what's broke
Instead of playing games
With mirrors and with smoke.
They claim to be our allies
In the war on illegal drugs
But I think they're really in the pay
Of all those drug lord thugs.
When they can get control
Of their own economy
Their people will stay home
Instead of trying to flee.
They need jobs that pay enough
To keep their family fed.
Then instead of coming north
They'll stay at home instead.

Besides --
If the Dems should get control
Of Congress and the Presidency
There will be a lot of folks
Who may just southward flee!
And we don't want a wall
Standing in our way
Or it'll be like Berlin
In a not too long ago day.

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Incognito said...

Very cool, Master Panhandle Poet!