Thursday, May 31, 2007

Paradigm Shift

It takes many generations to effect a fundamental shift in attitudes. How can we expect Russia to make the leap to a modern state in the few short years since the collapse of the Soviet Union?

May 31, 7:51 PM EDT

Rice: Russian Attitudes Locked in Past

By ANNE GEARAN AP Diplomatic Writer

POTSDAM, Germany (AP) -- Russian attitudes are locked in the past, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday, adding that the United States is perplexed by the current fracas with Russia over a planned U.S. missile system in Europe.
"We want a 21st Century partnership with Russia, but at times, Russia seems to think and act in the zero-sum terms of another era," Rice said, referring to the suspicions and territorial ambitions of the Cold War....(complete article here)


How can we expect
A complete paradigm shift
In less than a generation?
The leaders of Russia
Grew up in a time
Of a completely Communist nation.

It is much like Iraq
Where we think we can take
The people out of the dark ages
And in a few years
Change their total thought system
To that of Democracy's sages.

One of the failures
Of our electoral system
Is that of lost continuity.
For the gains that are made
Under one administration,
Post election fall in obscurity.

So we rush to accomplish
In one or two terms
What should span many more years.
'Cause unlike a dictator
Our view is short sighted
And based on our most recent fears.

However, I don't think
We should trade what we have
For some other system of rule.
The alternatives there
Leave much more for desire
And to change would make us the fool.

In spite of the flaws
What we have is the best
System devised by man.
If you doubt then you're free
To pick up and move
To Russia, Iraq, or Sudan.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

It's true autocracy, even I would hazard to despotism is bred in the bone of the russian social system.

WomanHonorThyself said...

ah ...I dont expect much from nations who are fed propaganda for centuries.........good post PP!

Incognito said...

Yeah.. but what about East Germany, and some of the other former Eastern bloc states, like the Czech Republic, Poland... they seem to be doing fine. Not that much time difference.
But interesting post!

Panhandle Poet said...

Great observation, Incognito. I wonder if it might be that the Czech Repulic and Poland both had strong anti-Soviet enclaves even while under Soviet domination. The break-up allowed these groups enough freedom to exert significant influence in the reconstruction. East Germany I attribute to the West Germans. As an issue of unification, there seems to be much greater impetus for successful integration into a democratic society. In all 3 cases, the jury may yet be out. There is tremendous strain within the political systems of all 3 countries.