Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In Search of Excellence

I commented on Renaissance Blogger early this morning and decided I liked the comment so well that I should make it a post. I guess a little ego never hurt anyone!

Excellence must come from the heart. The audience recognizes the difference between acting from the head as opposed to coming from the heart — whether it be a musical performance, a written work, or an act of kindness. The development of the art, however, is an act of discipline. It requires hard work, practice, perseverance. You will write many pieces from the head before your heart finds its voice. When it does, your skills will be honed and prepared to let that voice be heard.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Nice one Poet..good steal~!..grinz and nice lookin on the blog too..new blogroll etc..woohoo!

Incognito said...

Beautifully put, PAN, and yeah.. your space is lookin nice.

Panhandle Poet said...

Thank you both, ladies!