Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Do We Really Stand?

I wonder what they really have in mind....

Navy Stages Show of Force Off Iran Coast

May 23, 10:31 AM (ET)By BARBARA SURK

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) - The U.S. Navy staged its latest show of military force off the Iranian coastline on Wednesday, sending two aircraft carriers and landing ships packed with 17,000....(full story here)

We're trying to build a country
In a place they call Iraq.
But it seems the situation there
Is totally out of whack!
The values of their people
Are just not like our own
And many people here
Think we should just leave them alone.

Our mighty armored forces
Had no trouble with the war;
It's peace we're having trouble with
And folks are getting sore
With the way that things are going.
So the Congress, sage and wise,
Thinks we should pull right out;
Full retreat, with no disguise.

The Democrats in Congress
Are confused about the polls.
Retreat at any cost
Is the call throughout their rolls.
And the President is struggling
With how the peace to win.
I think his heart is right
But he doesn't know where to begin.

Which is the biggest enemy
That our troops need to fight?
We're spread to Afghanistan
Where Osama is out of sight.
In Iraq we're nation building
In the midst of civil war.
They're blowing up each other
From their mountains to the shore.

Then in between Afghanistan
And Iraq there is one more
It's called Iran, or Persia,
And I wonder what's in store.
With our fleet there in the Gulf
Ahmadinejad should beware,
Or his nuclear development
Will be floating in the air.

But I think the greatest enemy
That our brave troops have to face
Is right here in this country
And they're stepping up the pace
Of the rhetoric of appeasement
To the forces of our foe.
They speak of them as peaceful
When they're bent on spreading woe.

I'm speaking of the liberals
In media and Washington
Who believe that all we stand for
As a country is wrong.
Well my advice to them
Is to pack their bags and flee
Because they don't belong here in
This home of the brave and land of the free.


Incognito said...

Great poem PAN! I'm impressed you came up with that in such a short time.
You should try and get that printed somewhere.

bigwhitehat said...

Nuke Tehran. All the other problems will take care of themselves.

Panhandle Poet said...

Thank you Incognito.

BWH: I'm not sure we could stop at Tehran.

Conan The Librarian said...

How do you RHYME so well!!??
Nice blog!

Panhandle Poet said...

Conan: I don't know. It just seems to happen fairly naturally. Probably a result of many years of songwriting (or attempting to anyway). Thank you.