Monday, May 21, 2007

Fuel for the Future

The price of fuel keeps going up.
It's hard on us who drive
SUV's and pickup trucks;
Anything with four-wheel drive.
But I'm a firm believer in
A free market economy
So, I really can't complain too much
About the impact on me.
I know that most of you
Blame the oil companies
But, remember what happened
With the last price freeze?
Carter was the President,
The economy was a mess,
And where the world was headed
Was anybody's guess.
When the freeze was lifted
The pent-up market energy
Sent interest through the ceiling
Which recessed the economy.
So, I think it would be best
For supply and demand to work
Until some wily entrepreneur
Will look up with a smirk
And say, "By Jove, I've got it,
A new alternative
To replace the gas-powered engine
Is now done, I do believe!"
It will someday happen
If Congress stays out of it
But if they don't we'll power it
With all of their bulls_ _ t!