Friday, August 31, 2007

Only Persevere

As we age
We learn to
Say no
To the things
We don't really want to do
When asked.
I don't think
We ever learn
To say no
For things we wish
To accomplish for ourselves.
We keep adding
To the list
Until we attain the goal
Or we give up.
May we never give up;
Only persevere.


Janie said...

Dude...sometimes I think you write what I'm thinking!

scotte said...

true--but as we age & achieve -must we set new goals?

Yes! We must or wither and die!

Is this life just a series of roles?

No-its a cycle!


Donald Douglas said...

I do think we persevere. It's our nature to try until we reach our goals.

Have a great day!

CDO said...

As we age we find that it is more desirable to say no to those things we dont want to do unless it is something that we feel we should do but dont want to do.

Then sometimes we say yes even though we want to say no just because we feel an obligation not the desire to do so.

?Did that sound like I was from South Carolina and in a pageant.

That comes with age also.

10-4 Willy

MotherPie said...

Life lists. That is what it is.

Keep our perspective on those life lists and it becomes easier to say no.

Janie said...

Well, anyway, the comments above, you definitely always make us think.

Good job.

Pat Jenkins said...

perserverence can be an achievement in and of itself.

sandykessler said...

freaky what I'm thinking this a,. m. for Bob too. may I link to your blog - feel free to visit mine I love poetry all forms sk Every couple months I dig out l or 2 of mine

Panhandle Poet said...

Good point Pat.

SK: I'd be honored for you to link to my blog. I will reciprocate.