Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Random Items

I updated my profile a bit. The only reason I did so is because of the new blogger tool where you can click on the highlighted items and find other bloggers who listed the same things. I'm always looking for new and interesting blogs to read.

My first article was published in the local newspaper today. It was gratifying to see that only the title was changed. However, in the tradition of MSM, the article was posted under a "column" heading that was totally erroneous and misleading. I am taking a chance that the publisher may see this posted (no offence intended) but I was upset about it. I e-mailed her and the editor about my concerns. I think I was reasonably nice in how I expressed my uh, umm, displeasure.

I am reading a book by W.E.B. Griffin called "In Danger's Path; A Novel of the Corps." I am enjoying it immensely. It revolves around the role of the Marine Corps and the OSS during WWII in the Pacific theatre. I'm only about 1/4 of the way into it but it is great so far. I don't recall reading anything by Griffin before but I will certainly read more of his work.

We have been very busy at work which is a good thing. The trouble with busy is that you often don't have time for planning and thinking or for building. Busy is usually a result of responding to someone else's needs. It is reactive, not proactive. Busy happens. But it is often not the most productive time. Productivity is creative. Busy is sometimes just busy.

It looks like my travel schedule is going to become more hectic. This is the season of the year when there are many shows and conferences that I need to attend. It seems like this season is getting longer and longer. It is almost year-round anymore. I get tired of the travel but I enjoy seeing the customers and meeting new prospects. I love trade shows and enjoy working them. It is always interesting to me to find ways to engage potential customers.

School starts next week. My son is enjoying his last few days before the new year begins. I think he is looking forward to it. He is an excellent student -- if he could just get over being a teenager...

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Donald Douglas said...

Good job on your article!

I like Griffin. I've been reading his new presidential espionage series.