Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Land of Enchantment

Howdy from the Land of Enchantment! Brief showers cooled things off nicely yesterday afternoon here in the mountains. It is beautiful.

Mostly yesterday we just drove around looking. We saw a black bear cub, around 150 elk, a coyote, mule deer, and countless antelope. There were even pelicans at the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge.

Today we're heading up into southern Colorado. Basically we're just scouting around to see what we can find. I enjoy the history and my spouse enjoys the shopping. We both enjoy the wildlife. So, I guess we'll see what turns up.


Ranando said...

No better way to spend a day, enjoy every moment.

Just think, by the end of today what a better person you will be.

bigwhitehat said...

Be my proxy. Stop and buy some roadside cider. Cherry of Apple is fine. I like both.

Donald Douglas said...

Did you mean the wildlife at the mall, or on the plains? Have a good one, either way!

Anonymous said...

I sure wish I was there too. I went to the University of New Mexico from 1971-1975. I wanted to go back there when I got out of the service but never was able to find a job there. It really is the Land of Enchantment.

Janie said...

It's hot here. I wish I were in Northwestern NM. Cool breezes.
Trees. Trees. Trees.