Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Half Over

My week off is half over and I don't know where the first half went! I've managed to accomplish a few minor projects -- well they were minor to accomplish but a couple of them were very important. I have a couple of long rows of young trees that have not needed supplemental water until this week. The drip lines that I have to irrigate them were in need of repair. One was hit by the neighbor who got a little ambitious with his tractor and shredder and in a different place was hit by a rototiller. The other one was chewed in two by rabbits. Both of them had several broken emitters. I got both of them repaired and in good working order.

The blast furnace was in full force this afternoon. Our temperature topped out at about 101 degrees today and the wind was blowing over 30 mph at times. We went from a beautiful cool, wet summer to a blazing inferno in the past few days. The temperatures are normal for this time of year but they usually are not accompanied by such strong winds. By mid-September it will cool down again. I told someone earlier today that I thought I would invest in a train load of iron ore. I could pile it in the pasture and it would be smelted by the end of the day!

This country has beautiful weather for about 10 months of the year. Those other two months give us a bad reputation though. We usually have one bitterly cold month in the winter and one extremely hot month in the summer. The rest of the year usually isn't too bad. In fact, our average annual high temperature is 72 degrees -- the "ideal" temperature. It's the range that gets you. Fortunately we typically have low humidity.

I plan on golfing tomorrow. It's something that I make it a point to do at least once each year. I wonder if that's why I'm not any good at it. My son likes to golf. This will be a family golfing adventure. I hope I don't hurt anyone!


Incognito said...

It's hotter than heck here too. If that's any consolation.

Ranando said...

A foursome was on the 9th hole when a funeral procession was passing by out on the street beside them. One of the men took off his hat and placed it over his heart until the procession pasted. One of the men asked, "What are you doing?". The man replied, "That's the least I can do, I was married to her for over forty years".

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to be out on a golf course in this weather. Better wear a hat and drink lots of gatoraide.

Donald Douglas said...

That's hot! Like this all over the country, they say (D.C. was hot and humid last week).

I saw a poem over on Nuke's page you might like, on U.S. soldiers over there:

"In a land where the cross is kept always well hidden
you march the sand, while ever silently behind

Mohammed walks arm in arm with the black robed reaper,

carrying your blood in a grail of iron they balance between them,

waiting to cross your path and claim you for their own
as Mohammed pours your blood upon the sand."

Check it out:

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

"Half full or half empty?" You still have the weekend!