Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Few Books

I keep a log of books that I read. I started doing so a number of years back after reading a book by Louis L'Amour called "Education of a Wandering Man." I decided to try something new here by giving you a sampling of a few of the more enjoyable books that I've read recently. Of course, they are linked back to Amazon so that if you click on a picture and decide to order, I'll get a little tiny credit toward some more reading material. This is just experimental on my part. I'm still "playing" with this blogging thing (heh, heh)!

Einstein by Walter Isaacson was an excellent biography. While addressing the physics that drove Einstein's life, Isaacson presents the material in a readable and understandable manner. I really enjoyed this book.

Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides is not a biography although it centers in many respects on the life of Kit Carson. It covers the period of early settlement in the Southwestern United States including John C. Fremont's march to California as well as the Navajo Wars. This is also one that I would highly recommend.

Doc Holliday is a great biography of Wyatt Earp's "side-kick" by Gary L. Roberts. That's the trouble with legends though. The so-called side-kick was an independent cuss who was a mix of Southern Chivalry, gunfighter, and dentist. This was one that I really enjoyed although I thought that it spent too much ink talking about the Earps. I guess there are some individuals who left a huge footprint but very little documentation of their lives. Doc Holliday was one of them.


bigwhitehat said...

Try this one sometime.

Anonymous said...

I read "Blood and Thunder." My brother sent it to me. It was a great book. I've always wished I'd been alive during the mountain man era, instead of today.