Thursday, August 2, 2007


Bob is a cattleman
That ranches west of town.
He's one of those on whom
You rarely see a frown.

If you need a volunteer
To get a project done
Immediately you think
That Bob is the one

To put in charge because
That's where you normally find
Him. Taking kids to Lions camp
Or doing something kind

For one of the older folks
In town who can't quite
Get around much anymore.
Or if you watch you might

Catch him on a Sunday
Heading to Amarillo
For the prison ministry
Where he's a regular fellow

Sharing with those
Who need someone to care
In a place
Where many won't dare

To be seen. And if
There's a church cookout
He's the one to volunteer
To bring his grill out

And spend all day cooking
So the folks can enjoy
A wonderful meal
Cooked by this good ol' boy.

Yep, Bob's a good friend
Who gets much out of life.
He has a couple of kids
And a loving wife.

He can play the drums
Or ride his "bike" with chrome spokes,
But he seems to be happiest
Helping out other folks.


Janie said...


bigwhitehat said...

Sounds like a neat fella.

Plowing and Sowing said...

Sounds like a solid guy with a big heart.

Incognito said...

Nice to have a friend like that, and even nice to be that friend.

Janie said...

Panhandle - once again, you've been's a Texas meme, so I'm sure you'll excel! Go to my blog to check it out!

Ranando said...

Sounds like a great man, thanks for this.