Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Shopping is not something that I do well.  Buying, yes.  Shopping, no.

If I know what I need and intend to buy it, I go do so.  I hate going and looking without knowing what it is that I am looking for.  You know, that perfect gift for someone who really doesn't give you any clues about what they want.

I'm never satisfied.  I find something and think, no, surely I can do better.  I agonize over it.  I second guess.  I procrastinate thinking that I will receive some revelation.  Arrrrghhh!

Why do I do this to myself???!!

But, when it comes to what I want for Christmas it's easy.  I just want some small something simple or, honestly, I'm happy with nothing at all as long as everyone else gets what they want.  But, if you have to get me something, a book is always good.  Or, a shirt.  Maybe some new guitar strings.  Or, best yet, something homemade.  Hmmmm.....that's about it.

But, the best gift is for family to be together.

Some of the best memories are going to Grandma and Grandpas's for Christmas.  We would play dominoes or Spades half the night.  Sometimes the guitars would come out and we would sing.  The house was always full and the smell of Grandma's cooking would fill the air.  The kids would run wild and Grandpa would get onto them.  But, best of all, was Grandpa, like a kid, anxious for the Christmas Eve gift exchange.  The kids would hand out the packages and Grandma would always apologize that it "wasn't much" but, it was always good.

Everyone is scattered across the country now.  Some aren't around anymore.  The younger ones now have families of their own.  It is harder and harder to stay connected in spite of the "connectivity" of this technology filled world.  Maybe it's time to focus on real connections again.

God in His infinite wisdom knew the importance of connections.  That's what Christmas is all about.  God connecting with His creation in a way that bridges the gap between us.  Keep your focus on that connection and the rest will be OK.  After all, this world is only a temporary stop on our way to something better.


brenda cox giguere said...

What a lovely post, Chris; I appreciate your honesty and your sentiments.

Christmas was always important in my family, so now that my mother is gone it's become a mixture of joy and melancholy. I don't have children, and my family has gotten smaller and smaller through the years (as for many of us)-- all the grandparents gone, and aunts, uncles, cousins all scattered. I miss those warm gatherings very much.

Anonymous said...

you are exactly right except tonight I got s pretty special gift.The book Light for my path and on every significant passage was a 20 dollar bill and there were many !!I'm identifying differently because this is a 3 step process sandy 2 this way