Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It Might Be All It Takes.....

It is interesting to me how Christmas has such an impact on people in so many different ways.  For some, the world more-or-less stops between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.  The holiday is an extended period of little work and much play.  For others, nothing seems to change but possibly their frustration level with those in the first group.

There are those who, through a sense of joy, take on the Christmas season with gusto.  They purchase and wrap presents, they cook, they clean, they make special things, they are constantly buzzing with activity.  They are the ones in charge of the Christmas pageant at school.  They make the costumes.  They select, address and mail the Christmas cards.  They are activity personified.

There are others who feel a burden to do all of those things but, it comes from a sense of tradition and the expectations of others.  The tasks are the same but, the joy is somehow muted by a feeling of obligation.

Then there are others still who want the benefits, but, expect others to make everything happen.  Husbands are frequently accused of this particular attitude.  We usually are lousy shoppers.  We are nearly worthless in the kitchen.  We expect someone else to wrap the presents -- except possibly that one that we feel obliged to wrap ourselves.

There are those whose jobs don't stop for Christmas.  They work in grocery and department stores, gasoline stations and restaurants.  They are out feeding cattle and milking the cows.  They are doctors and nurses, policemen and firemen.  They are the ones who keep the lights on and the other services working.  They are the people who are on call in whatever industry, making sure that the world runs smoothly in spite of the holiday.  They are expected to do their job while others go blindly about their celebrations with no thought for them.

Christmas is about service to others.  Think about it.  Why did Jesus come to earth?  He came to pay the bill for our selfishness.  He was the ultimate gift.

As you go about your Christmas activities, pay attention to those around you.  Be a gift to them.  Give yourself that they also might experience the joy of Christmas.  It might be that all it takes is a hug and thank you.

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