Monday, October 29, 2007

Update on "Billy"

Since posting the last entry on the story "Billy" that I had started, I planned on regularly adding sections of it so that it created a series. That is still in the plans. The trouble is, as I began going through it, I found some inconsistencies that needed re-working. I guess that's a good thing. Instead of languishing in the "dustbin" of my computer files, it is now a work-in-progress that is receiving attention.

"Billy" came out of my love of the history of this part of the world. The Texas Panhandle truly was the edge of the "wild-and-woolly" west during its heyday. Characters like Kit Carson, Batt Masterson, Doc Holiday, Charlie Goodnight, Dave Rudabaugh, Casimero Ramirez, Billy the Kid, and other famous and infamous individuals spent time in the area. Place names like Tascosa, Fort Elliott, Adobe Walls, Dodge City, KS, and Las Vegas, NM, are all connected to the Panhandle. It was the home of Kiowa and Comanche Indians until about 1876. It was the "trackless" grassland known only to Plains Indians and Comancheros for many years while areas surrounding it were settled. It was the last stronghold of the Plains Buffalo.

All of this history fits into the story of "Billy." That's why it's taking awhile to prepare the next post. My personality is such that I want the historical setting to be accurate. I want the events to fit neatly into the "real" history of the area. I am a critical reader. When I find events or places in a story that don't fit history, I am at least mildly disappointed and often disgusted if the abuse of accuracy is blatant. Therefore, I will take my time, check my chronology, make sure it all fits together correctly, and then I will post the next section. I'm sure I will miss some things, but I hope to minimize any inaccuracies.

My aim is not to write a "western" novel. My aim is to set a story about a young man struggling with eternal questions of values into a history that is of interest to me. Hopefully it will be interesting to others. Again, any and all feedback will be appreciated.


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