Thursday, October 18, 2007

First Day at the Sunbelt Expo

Yesterday was a good day here at the Sunbelt Exposition. It is one of the largest Agricultural Trade Shows that I have ever seen. The diversity of different types of agriculture in the Southeast is much greater than in the Plains.

My very first visitor to our Trade Show booth was turned into a customer. That was a nice positive way to begin. Hopefully it will create a toe-hold for us in this part of the country.

Throughout the day we had numerous visitors to the booth that indicated interest but no one else ready to adapt the technology. The awareness of what we do is very low in this part of the country and the majority of livestock producers (who are typically very small) are unfamiliar with what we do and require extensive education. That's OK. We are beginning the process.

Getting away from the booth is often the best way to scout out potential key contacts. I was able to do that for awhile and made some excellent inroads with key individuals in a couple of the larger organizations that were represented. I think the trip so far has been well worth the effort and expense. Only time will tell.

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