Friday, June 8, 2007

To Fred Thompson

To Senator Thompson,
It’s time for your run.
We need a big change
And we think you’re the one.

The people are calling
For someone to lead;
Another politician
Is not what we need.

We want someone to stand up
For things that are right;
A candidate willing
To put up a fight.

The people are saying
Make borders secure;
Don’t keep dishing
The same old manure.

The war in Iraq
Is something to win;
Not something to cut
And run from again.

Marriage is made for
One woman, one man;
Same sex union
Is something to ban.

Abortion is murder
And that’s a cold fact.
It’s time to outlaw it
Through some legal act.

Social Security is shaky
And needs overhaul
We don’t want our grand kids
Left holding that ball.

Trim out the pork
From each spending bill
Then cut our taxes
And give us a thrill.

Health care is also
In need of redress
So start with correcting
The insurance mess.

We want to see courts
Which are led by good men
Who will rule with discernment
And wisdom again.

We’re tired of the partisan
Political game.
We want to see statesmen
Not those who inflame.

It is a high calling
To lead this great land;
It takes a great man
Who’s willing to stand

And be honest with us
About his belief.
But such a great man
Would be a relief.

We love this country
And know that it’s great.
We’re looking to you, Fred
For a win in oh-eight.


Thanks to the folks at Fred Thompson News for the Link!


WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya sweet Poet!..perhaps u can write his campaign slogan!Have a terrific weekend my friend! :)

bigwhitehat said...


Incognito said...

You should send it to him, Pan!

Tom Tankreedo said...

A hillbilly actor named Fred
Faced the cam’ra, and these words he said:
“If y’all vote for me
To head the GOP,
I’ll kill all of them sand nigras dead.”