Monday, February 12, 2007

Stock Market Wisdom

Making sense of the stock market
Is a challenge to most of us.
It seems the boys on Wall Street
Are constantly stirring up a fuss
Whenever they want to see a stock move.
The sad thing is we are all looking for a win
So we put our money down
Although our chance is thin.
And we listen to the mavens
From the big stock brokerage firms
Tell us where to put our dollars
That we've worked so hard to earn.
Just like a flock of sheep
We go rushing where they say
Hoping we will make a killing
On the stock market today.
But Wall Street just keeps laughing
As we put our savings down
'Cause they went short as we went long
And the profit went to town.
I wish I'd listened to the rancher
Whose wisdom now makes sense;
Keep your money in the bank
And your stock behind a fence.

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