Monday, February 2, 2015


Working a full-time job during the week means that I have only the occasional hour or so after work to devote to the ranch.  Of course, those snatched hours are dependent on being able to get away shortly after 5:00 which rarely happens.  I keep a change of clothes in the pickup just in case though.  I will be glad when the days get longer and there is more daylight in the evenings so that I can get in a little time doing all the things that need done!

Since there is so little time during the week, I squeeze in as much as possible on the weekend.  It is up early and get to work.  So, I really aren't getting the kind of break that most people crave -- my weekend away from work turns into a weekend of work.  It's my choice though. 

The physical labor is good for me in numerous ways.  One benefit is that there is no need for a gym membership.  Another is that it gives me time outdoors.  Sunshine and fresh air are important to good health.  The best benefit to me though, is the "think" time.  Physical labor is a break from the mental grind of the week.

Our property has many acres of invasive trees.  Most of which are, I think, black locust.  They have thorns like nails.  I am working on clearing the ones growing in some of the old fence rows which I am taking out and also will eventually try to clear them from the property entirely. 

Saturday was a nice day -- other than a little wind ahead of a cool front that was expected that evening.  We had a chance of showers moving into the area so I wanted to start early enough to get as much as possible done before the rain. 

To make a long story short, I stayed after it until almost 4:00 by which time I was exhausted.  Rather than head into town for a shower and easy chair, I decided to spend some time in the woods.  Walking in the woods is peaceful relaxation for me -- even if I am tired.  This time of year is the best.  The summers here are unbearably hot and the woods are stifling because of the humidity.

It was about 6:30 when I pulled out the front gate to head home.  It was dark.  I was hungry.  I had sore muscles I didn't know I had. 

I forget that I have aged.  Hopefully by mid-week I will recover......


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