Monday, January 2, 2012

Short Handed

It's strange, I suppose, but I am much more productive when I have too much to do and not enough time in which to get it done.  OK, maybe not strange, maybe normal.  I don't know.  It's just a description of today I guess.

I am being two people for awhile.  The manager of one of my company's locations decided to pursue another opportunity so I'm getting to do his job (at least part of it), as well as my job, while trying to find a new employee to do his job plus some other responsibilities that I need to assign.  So, I also am taking calls from interested persons as well as scheduling and conducting interviews while doing both jobs.  Does that make it two and a half jobs??

The worst part is that I need to do some travel for my primary job of managing the company which means I  need to be two geographically separate places simultaneously.  It is not going to work too well I suspect.  So, I find myself putting in extra hours this evening to hopefully get ahead of what I can expect later in the week while I am traveling.  The travel is for a meeting that requires a good deal of preparation which I haven't done yet but, I can't count that as another job because it falls within the normal bounds of my primary job.  Oh, well.  I was keeping score but, that one got called back.  You can tell it's bowl season, huh!

I like the pressure.  I am more productive.  It's like writing to a deadline.  It's a fast track to burnout though if I am not careful.  Recognizing a problem is half the solution -- well, it's a big step toward a solution anyway.

OK, enough of the break.......


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I know that feeling loved that Texas band 528 strong in the parade