Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fortuitous Encounters

Have you ever met someone, or perhaps run into a previous acquaintance at just the right time?  Did you think it was purely chance or did you wonder if a higher power was at work?

Do you believe in luck?  How does luck differ from chance?  Are they related?  How do you account for the many things that "happen by chance" yet upon retrospect appear to be design?

I have always struggled with the concept of luck.  I tend to subscribe to the idea that we make our own luck.  Luck is just opportunity coupled with preparation and action. 

But, what about chance?  Chance is more-or-less the mathematical odds of random occurrences.  Things happen at times just because things happen.  For instance, what are the odds of winning the lottery?  Someone will win but, until the numbers are drawn no one knows who.  Each person who buys a ticket or, tickets, has a numerical chance of winning.  Some would say that "luck" enters into the equation at that point.......I don't buy it.  I also don't buy lottery tickets because I know the odds of winning are extremely slim.

Yet, frequently as we go through life, things happen that appear to defy the odds of random circumstance, or chance.  Many times a particular person has come to mind that I have not seen in years and within a few days I have run into them at an unexpected place or time.  It makes me wonder if there is some kind of cosmic connection that is established between people.

I also have often experienced thinking of someone and they would call or text within moments of the thought.  It is almost as if their thoughts went out ahead of their action.  How do you explain such things?

I suspect there is a spiritual connection between people.  I don't know of a better way to describe it other than with use of the word spiritual.  It seems to be something beyond the physical.  Some would say it is a "God" thing.  I tend to think that we each have both a physical and a spiritual aspect to our existence.  Could it be that on a spiritual level we are in close proximity and yet be distant physically?  Maybe the spiritual contact is strongest with those whom we have previous relationships.  Perhaps the stronger that previous relationship, the closer we become on a spiritual level. 

I obviously don't have the answers.  I'm just philosophizing regarding the letter "F" this morning.  My thoughts run to fortuitous friendships and chance encounters.  Speaking of chance, I would appreciate suggestions for my post tomorrow related to the letter "G".  Otherwise, I must trust to chance to choose a word for my post......anyone have a hat?


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