Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Elegant Elephant

Elegant Elephant wearing pearls
With frills about her waist
Took upon her elegant self
A job much to her taste.

Pretentious Donkey held the throne
Where Elegant wished to sit.
She set upon the lengthy road
In hope of claiming it.

The field was crowded for the feat
As others also vied
To claim the bully pulpit seat
For which she gamely tried.

Her cousins of the elephant clan
Fought hard to claim the prize
And slung such mud upon their quest
They mired her bulky size.

But one by one they all dropped out
As Elegant won the day
To enter on the lofty quest
The public for to sway.

But tarnished pearls and tattered frills
Were difficult to hide
As voters of most every stripe
The contest would decide.

Finally the time had come;
The grand election day
Pretentious versus Elegant,
Which one would get their way?


So we post with letter "E"
And hope you understand
That "F" is coming next in line
As the alphabet does demand........


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