Sunday, January 15, 2012

By the Way

Incidentally -- a change of subject:  notice that I am starting a new topic in the conversation.  That's what "by the way" means in current usage.  I want to thank Hillbilly Willy for offering the title to this second piece in my series of alphabetically inspired posts.

By the way, I wonder if he meant something by the choice?  If I caved to my insecurities I would think he was telling me that "alphabetically inspired posts" was not what I should be doing -- that I should change the subject.  Fortunately, I've mastered that particular insecurity long ago.  I just barge on ahead even when the caution lights are saying, slow down, watch out!

By the way, Willy just happens to be my uncle.  He is also the one who got me started blogging back in 2007.  He is an Olton, Texas, transplant to the beautiful hills of Arkansas.

By the way, if you have never been to Arkansas you should go; it really is a beautiful state.  From the Ozarks to the Mississippi Plains, it is a land of trees and water, hills and cropland, chickens and cattle and it is the home of Wal-mart.

By the way, I am on track so far with my posts.  This one starts with a "B" and it is the second day for the series.  That puts me one step closer to re-establishing the daily post habit.

By the way, the weather feels like Spring, not like January.  It was beautiful yesterday, but today it should reach the mid-60's and the wind might do the same.  It is almost Noon and the sky already has a touch of brown.

By the way, I need inspiration for the letter "C" which is next in the series.  Please feel free to comment!

Just my "B" thoughts for the day.....


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Willy said...

By the way - Willy never has an ulterior motive. Willy is just full of Bull and for some reason that came to mind. Good post. I look forward to the entire alphabet. Might even inspire Willy to do something similar.

10-4 Willy