Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweat and Burn

I guess I'm getting older;
Things don't work like they used to.
So, I got a little program
That shows me what to do.

I play it on the t.v.
And this guy is jumping 'round
Doing all these calisthenics
To a really upbeat sound.

It's supposed to make me better;
Get my heart in shape and all
But, after a few minutes
I'm down to just a crawl.

My muscles just don't work like that --
The way that they're supposed to
So, I only do them part of the way
Like the guy says I should do.

But, after thirty minutes
He hasn't broke a sweat
While I'm dripping a big puddle
There on my workout mat.

I huff and puff around the floor
While he durn near sings a song
And bounces all around the place
Bringing everyone along.

I wonder if it's worth it,
This working up a sweat;
In time I should get better
But, I'm not about to bet.

Just how I got in this bad shape
Keeps pressing on my mind.
It must be all those tasty foods
That to me have been unkind.

So, I jump and punch and run about
And sweat a bucket more
While I tell my wife it would be nice
If she got some ice cream from the store....


Brad said...

I want to watch! Can I come watch? PLEASE???

CimA said...

Yeah. Me too. Can I watch?!!! :) and I understand...Insanity still kicks my tail everytime.