Monday, March 14, 2011

Springing Into Eternity

Spring is upon us.  I saw a tree in full bloom yesterday -- looked like a cherry tree.  But, there was frost on things this morning too.  The buds are swelling and it is just a matter of days before green leaves will make their appearance -- likely to be frozen back.

Why is it that Spring sends ripples of restlessness through us?  Is it just the feeling that winter is finally coming to an end and we are anxious for warmer days?  Or, is there something deeper that resonates with the season of renewal?

I always look forward to Spring because I enjoy getting out and working in the yard.  I don't garden any more because I travel so much.  But, I can always find something to keep me busy.  It is my therapy.  It is relaxing to spend time in physical labor -- even if it is pulling weeds out of the flower bed.

I remember growing up, the neighbor across the road from us always had an immaculate yard.  It was his therapy.  He had a very stressful job but, he could come in from work and spend time working in his yard and the cares of the day vanished.  My yard is not immaculate.  It is a "country" yard.  It isn't trimmed to perfection.  But, it is a bright spot around the house that creates an oasis in the middle of the surrounding pasture.

I think we all, deep down, have some connection to the earth.  Perhaps it is the primordial DNA making itself known to us.  Even for those who live in concrete and glass, the green of the countryside exerts a pull that draws us to vacation where there is vegetation or water or mountains or something that is in stark contrast to the man made structures of our environs.  We are drawn to the earth.

Perhaps, Spring is just a reminder that our cares will someday be wiped away and we will spring anew in an eternity that is an even greater contrast to life here and now than Spring is to the passing Winter.  It is a hope that we can have only in Jesus, our Savior.  For He alone is the source of a renewed life.....just like Spring.

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brenda cox giguere said...

This was the perfect blog post for me to read today, Chris; a breath of optimism nicely expressed.