Monday, March 7, 2011


Sometimes a project comes along
That has long-term importance to me
But, I seem to get lost in the struggle
Where completion is not there to see.

I worry and fret when I shouldn't
'Cause the answer is right in my hands.
I should just knuckle down and do it
And not sweat what perfection demands.

But, instead I'm wrapped up in the details
And I seem too caught up in each one
When I really should plow on ahead
And get this big project done.

So, why do I keep putting off
This thing that I'm needing to do?
Is it that I'm just lazy?
I really don't think that is true.

It's just something that is not urgent
With no looming deadline attached.
It is the type of big project
For which I am not well-matched.

I guess I'm just making excuses
'Cause it's something I don't want to do
So, I leave it until a time later
And move on to something new.

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