Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've been enjoying a short break from travel for a couple of weeks now. It has taken some readjustment!

There have been plenty of things to keep me busy though. I have a presentation to a group of cattlemen next week that I've been preparing for as well as a convention/trade show where I will have a booth -- both in Tucson, Arizona. The following week I will be doing a half-day training session for a large ranch in Central Texas. They sell genetics in various forms and employ several full-time salesmen. Their manager asked me to come do a Sales Training seminar for them. I am excited about it but, it has taken a lot of preparation because that is not the type of training that I normally do other than for my own staff. This will be a more formal type of program.

You never know what life will throw your way! The Sales Training request came "out-of-the-blue". The thing most interesting about it to me is that lately I believe God has been impressing on me that I need to spend time passing on what I have learned to others. The timing of the request was, shall we say, attention getting!

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