Sunday, April 11, 2010

Searching --- Relatively Speaking

Have you noticed the commercial on television about the person who is suffering from search engine overload?  About how they talk in snippets of information but their conversations are not cogent?  I understand the feeling.

There is an amazing wealth of information available to us on the Internet.  Weeding out the trash and finding the gems for which one is searching is a monumental task at times.  Just when I think that I've figured it out, I hit one of those frustrating times when I search and search and can't find something that should be readily available.

What, you might ask, prompted such statements?  I was searching for the date on which Einstein first introduced his Theory of Special Relativity.  The only sources that I am able to find are not especially credible.

Now, the next logical question is, why would I be looking for the date on which Enstein first introduced his Theory of Special Relativity.  Well, that was one of those search leads to question leads to search leads to question chain of events that sent me off on a tangent.  I guess it really doesn't matter anyway.  Perhaps I AM suffering from search engine overload!

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brenda cox giguere said...

Great post.

Every once in a while I stop and remember what it was like before the Internet. It says something about how well it all works when we have the luxury of expressing frustration when we can't always find what we need instantly online. It sure beats the old days!

Going off on tangents and chains of inquiry: one of my favorite hobbies. Sounds like yours, too. Good luck!