Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

I am learning about something new -- yet, not so new.  It is the name of something which I have observed among my peers first, and also among other generations -- both older and younger than me.  It is called "moralistic therapeutic deism."  I suspect it is a prime reason for the observed current decline in the Christian churches of both this country and Europe.

The article linked here is a good place to begin understanding.  Then, it should be followed by reading this rather lengthy discussion.

If you regularly attend church, let me ask you the following question:  Have you noticed a decline in attendance?  If so, to what do you attribute that decline?

If you do not regularly attend a church, my question is this:  Why?

Please feel free to answer the questions in the comments.

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Matt said...

I am going to answer the first question just to give an idea of what we are seeing in the Bryan/College Station area. I do attend church. Our church continues to grow.

I KNOW this is not representative of the nation or even the state. What I have observed is that people will migrate to churches where the Pastor does not water down the truth and teaches that the Bible is the absolute true, inspired word of God. Also there is a group of teachers and leaders that believe and teach the same way.

We aren't considered a Mega Church. I, for years, have recognized God's hand on our church and we have be very grateful. When people are earnestly seeking direction from God, they tend to WANT to go to church in order to be around other people who can encourage.

There is another type of church that is growing or at least centralizing and that is the church that teaches that "God wants you to be happy and He wants you to do good things". But there is no Death, Burial and Resurrection being taught. There is nothing being taught that says that there is only ONE way to Heaven. This is all based on feeling good and being happy.