Friday, April 16, 2010

A Fearful Disposition

Not everything that is plausible is true, for those who put forward plans for action have a psychological disposition to marshal the facts that support their position.” __ Henry Kissinger

I would add that we each have a psychological disposition to a particular “worldview” or “yardstick” by which we evaluate input. Each of us lives within a “point-of-view” shaped by our location, history, experiences, friends and family. It is difficult to truly see the “point-of-view” of another individual. We each have been shaped uniquely. That individuality is a key point of the concept of self.

This uniqueness of “worldview” presents the greatest difficulty between individuals greatly removed in each of the key shaping factors. The greater the difference in those shaping factors, the more difficult it is to find understanding.

Mr. Kissinger’s remark was made in reference to foreign policy arguments during the Nixon administration. I find particularly interesting his reference to the marshalling of facts to support a particular position. What makes this interesting to me is that when dealing with different “worldviews” we must consider that each accepts some things as “fact” that the other views as fallacy.

If we consider that some view it acceptable to lie in order to advance one’s own position, we enter into a world in which there is nothing that can be accepted at face value. We each must “prove” the “facts” offered. We also must weigh them against our personal self-interest and the “facts” that we can muster in support. The result is a world in which we can trust nothing and no one.

Is the lack of trust important? Yes, it is. Without trust there is only fear.

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You are tackling rthe big issues these days my friend..inetresting sandy