Monday, March 15, 2010

Optimist or Pessimist

There is an old saying
That you can tell the difference
Between an optimist
And a pessimist
By how they view the cup.

One sees only what is gone
And thinks that he is doomed
Because his share --
That which remains --
Cannot possibly be enough.

The other has a different view
And sees what lies therein
With the thought that he is blessed
To have something
In his cup from which to drink.

Me, I'm more of a realist
When I view the cup half-full;
I see what coffee there remains
And wonder,
Should I drink it cold or put it in the microwave?


Anonymous said...

Oh you! I was ready for this noble philisophical? story, and alas you leave me chuckling!


Plowing and Sowing said...

I like it. I had that thought this morning at my desk. Keep it real.

i beati said...

good one sandy