Thursday, March 11, 2010

Looking Out

Why do we love to look out of windows?
What is it that causes us
To sometimes stop and stare
At nothing in particular?
We sit and gaze out the window.

Do you think perhaps
It is some deep-seated behavior
Wired into our very being
That is a residual of that time long ago
When we feared what might be out there?

Or, could it be a longing
To be out-of-doors
Where we feel less trapped –
Less surrounded --
Less fettered?

Maybe it is dissatisfaction
With what we are doing
And with what we are accomplishing
As we busily battle
Seemingly endless daily assignments.

Is it guilt bearing down upon us
When indeed we long for light?
Or, is it a shadow of our true self,
Trapped within an earthly vessel
Yet longing for freedom?

I choose freedom……

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