Monday, March 8, 2010

Lessons for Old Hands

Good lesson today.  Even us old guys can still learn.

I went out to visit a good customer -- one that has been a long-time customer.  I learned that there were some problems brewing that needed to be addressed -- and NOW.  There were no signs.  There were no clues.  There had been no red flags.  It was a situation where some issues were percolating on the back burner that needed attention but no one was noticing.

I had an hour and a half with 3 of the top 4 individuals in the organization.  A very open and frank discussion.  Within an hour of the conclusion of the meeting I was able to respond to the concerns.

The lesson is this:  Never take a customer for granted.  Take time to touch base on a regular basis.  Ask probing questions.  If there are concerns, address them.  Don't ever think their concerns are immaterial.  Deal with them.

We are now back on track.  I will be back at their operation tomorrow to observe and train.  The lines of communication are open and there is an even stronger sense that we are all on the same team -- trying to make things better.

Life is good.

John 14:6

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i beati said...

wonderful post - a great reminder in all of life really