Sunday, March 7, 2010

Batteries and Wires

Are you a battery, or a copper wire?

A battery is designed to accept a charge and store it until needed.  It then allows the power to flow out of it until it is empty.  It then must be re-charged to be useful again.

A copper wire doesn't hold a charge but it is a wonderful conduit of power.  It must be hooked into a power source in order to be useful.  However, as long as it is "plugged in" the power will flow through it.

I think Christians can fall into either category.  There are many who spend a large part of their time "soaking up" the power through attending church, praying, being with other Christians.  They often just store it up inside and only rarely, or possibly never, allow the power to flow out of themselves.  If they do, they are quickly emptied and need re-charging.  Often, if they don't find a useful task, the power seems to slowly seep out of them until they become useless -- sometimes not even able to hold a charge anymore.

There are others who seem to be constantly "plugged in" to the source of power.  They are a constant supplier of energy to those around them.  They are obviously connected because "things" happen around them that are unquestionably from God.

I don't know about you, but I would prefer to be the copper wire rather than the battery.  I want to be continually plugged into God's power.  I want Him to use me to work His will.

Jesus demonstrated that prayer is the way to stay plugged into God's power.  That is my prayer.  That I will be a conduit and not a battery.

Life is good.

John 14:6

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