Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Political Note

Tuesday -- election day -- will soon be upon Texas voters and we will find out who the Republican nominee for Governor will be.  I just now saw a Perry commercial on t.v.  He was wearing a Carhart jacket and sitting in front of the Texas flag.  Some of the Hutchinson commercials try to pull off the "good-ol'-country-gal" look but somehow it doesn't quite work.  She just has a hard time fitting that image. 

The article linked below might be of interest to those of you following the race:

So, what do you think?  Is Perry positioning himself for a national race?  Perhaps.  I hope he can handle the attacks from the left if that is his plan.

What about Hutchinson?  She might come back as an Independent and face Perry again in the General election if the primary is close.  I don't think it will be.  The real question is her Senate seat.  Will she really retire?  If so, I think Michael Williams is our best candidate for the seat.  It may be an interesting year.

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