Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Bradley 3 Ranch Bull Sale

Today is the Bradley 3 Ranch Bull Sale. Yesterday, I went out and took a look at the bulls and visited with some of the folks there.
I was really impressed with the operation. They've been around since 1955. It is a seedstock operation but is not your typical registered cattle outfit. This is a serious working ranch.

Neal checking out the young bulls.

Most seedstock operations and many commercial ranches are partially supported by other sources of income -- such as oil or other minerals, or perhaps by other businesses. Many seedstock operators focus on showing cattle and "showing-off" their cattle. Not the Bradleys. This outfit is all about improving cattle for the average cowman.

Their focus is to maximize beef production per acre while operating at the peak sustainable capacity of their range. They seek to pass their knowlege to other producers both in genetics and in education. The ranch has received many environmental stewardship awards and that stewardship is reflected in the productivity of the operation.

Not only does the ranch seek to maximize the economic side of ranching, it also seeks to produce better quality meat for the consumer. This is done through carefully selecting for tenderness and other traits which make the end product more appealing to the consumer.

A few of the 163 bulls offered.

It is truly a family operation. My hat is off to the Bradley 3 Ranch.

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