Friday, September 19, 2008

A Lonely High Place

It has seemed like a long week. I headed for Kansas on Monday and worked there for a few days before working my way back south. I had numerous good sales calls which should have me fired up but for some reason it just hasn't been that way. I think I need to go find a high place and sit awhile.

Sometimes I have the need to climb a hill and just sit and stare off into the distance. That probably seems strange to most people but there are plenty of others like me. You find them in National Parks or on river banks or on horseback. They generally feel comfortable alone. They need space. They need time to think.

It seems sometimes
The clutter in my head
Needs airing out.

Those are the times
I find a lonely place
And sit a think.

Perhaps to say I think
Is a mischaracterization
Of what I do.

A better description
Might be to say
I spend some time just being.

For those of you not familiar
With what just being entails,
It is the opposite of doing.

The best thing about just being
Is that the clutter in my mind
Gets organized

And my thoughts become clearer
Until the peace that enters in
Allows me to hear God.


Barbara Martin said...

Peace and quiet is very good for the soul.

This afternoon I walked, with a friend and her dog, down to the shore of Lake Ontario and watched the sailboats in the sun for half an hour. The wind was blowing lightly from the south, making the waves slap against the rocks. When I returned home I felt more rested than the two weeks I've just had off from working. If the weather holds, I'm going back tomorrow afternoon for another dose.

The Hermit said...

People have been going off into the wilderness to renew themselves as long as there have been people, I imagine.

i beati said...

Absolutely My mom (in the hills of Wva) always knew where I'd be at supper.... Today was my birthday - did a lot of self talk and thanks to

Norma said...

I like to write poetry too. Coffee shops seem a good place.