Monday, March 17, 2008

Music and Western History in Common

This past weekend I attended the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Convention and Trade Show in Corpus Christi. During the afternoons of the two-day trade show, entertainment was provided by John Arthur Martinez and Mike Blakely. These guys are great musicians and talented writers as well. Click on their names for links to their websites. Besides performing his music Mike Blakely is an accomplished western writer.

On Saturday evening after the Trade Show was over, I discovered that the two of them and I were staying at the same motel. A good friend of mine who also has a couple of blogs (here and here) struck up a conversation with them as he was waiting for me to meet him for dinner. When I walked up and was introduced the conversation continued about music and history and kids and values and all of the things that we all seemed to have in common. Before it was time for dinner we discovered that John Arthur's wife knew the wife of one of my cousins who happens to live in the same town (Marble Falls, Texas, and the creative community of CastleRock) with them. As we talked, we discovered how small the world truly is. For great Texas flavor, both the music of John Arthur Martinez and the books and music of Mike Blakely, can't be beat. I recommend you try them out. Check out some of these links to Amazon.

Lone Starry Night - John Arthur Martinez

Stand Your Ground - John Arthur Martinez

Shortgrass Song - Mike Blakely

Moon Medicine - Mike Blakely

West of You - Mike Blakely (music)


WomanHonorThyself said...

I love the new country music..yeehaww!

i beati said...

you gave me some new favs..thanks