Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Plans and More Plans

Planning is fine --
It must be done, I know.
But nothing is accomplished
'Til you get off of go.

I suppose if you're launching
A ship to the moon
Each and every detail
Must be in fine tune,

But most earthly projects
Are not so exact
In the requirements
It takes to enact.

It seems that quite often
The course one should take
Isn't quite clear
Until first efforts we make

Are examined.
It is then that we see
Where the course needs adjustment
To get us to where we want to be.

So go on ahead
And plan details, each one.
While you're doing that
I'll get the job done.


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Janie said...

Man. I've been too busy lately to plan!!!

Sue said...

ah, php, I truly know where you are coming from.

I spent Thursday and Friday in meetings about the launch of a huge Virtual Learning Initiative by the community and technical college system in Kentucky. Many of the things that people had questions about, the answer was, "we'll figure that out when we get there." As one person said, we were adopting the Microsoft approach -- get started, work on it, thrust it out there, and then discover where the bugs are and fix them once things are launched. Like you said, that won't work with a space mission, but it's probably a good approach for most things.

bigwhitehat said...


I may have to use this one, Amigo.